1. Village Idiot

From the recording Her Master's Voice


One's the perfect host - she has many a happy guest
And there's one that sails the ship - he's a captain to the rest
But the one that holds the purse strings has totally messed up again
Now as then

The one that plays house, she's a woman of age
And the one that keeps the peace, he's a wizened old sage
But the one looking for friends is a boy in a cage, all alone
Far from home

One decision, many choices - which one do you choose?
One mouth, many voices - which one is your muse?
The villagers all get their chance to speak
But it's all Greek to me

And the one that gives advice made his ten and threescore
While the one that writes the songs - well, he's been here before
But the one that likes the nights out is just a teenaged whore on the make
Giving much less than she takes

While the one that makes 'em laugh, she's the belle of the ball
And the one that plays the fool, he's the smartest of them all
But the one searching for love is a monster with claws for a heart
And we keep him well apart

But just over that hill there's a neighbouring clan
Another twelve simple voices in one complex man
And if your twelve joined mine, surely they
Could find a way
To bring these ivory towers of Babel undone

For twenty-four to just be two
And for two to be