1. Take Care

From the recording Her Master's Voice


When we were young, they’d say, take care
Take care on the swings and take care of your bear
Take care of your brother and of your toys
Take care when you play with the other girls and boys

When you’re at home, when you’re at school
Crossing a road, swimming the pool
We love you but we may not always be there

Wasn’t always fun, didn’t always seem fair
All the same we learned to take care

Then children grow and seasons turn
Dreamers awake and bridges burn
There’s no more time to play, there’s tax and rent to pay
The so-called grownup world can really take your care away

The birthdays come, the faces go
Addresses change, hearts exchange, to and fro
A house in disarray, the caretaker’s away
And then all of a sudden you walked in that day
Who’d have thought that you’d have been the one to stay

Now I see as I look into your eyes
No matter how full the moon, the sun will always rise
Friends, lovers, children, husbands, wives
Here and there, we all take care of each other’s lives

We make our homes and build our schools
We cross our roads and swim our pools
I love you and I’ll try my best to always be there

Give and take, our lives we share
So you of me, and I of you, will take care

Let’s take care