From the recording Her Master's Voice


Are you my man?
Are you doubts left unspoken?
Rules made and broken
Are you my man?

Are you my man?
Swapping stories, sharing troubles
Tempting fate, bursting bubbles
Are you my man?

Nothing can keep me from you, but sometimes
The river's too deep and the mountain's too high
Home without you ain't no home to me
But some birds gotta swim ‘n’ some fish gotta fly

Am I your man?
Halving friends and expenses
Burning bridges, building fences
Am I your man?

Am I your man?
Plans revised, dreams adjusted
Vision blurred, illusions busted
Am I your man?

Maybe we'll travel the world, see its wonders
Live on the edge, burn bright as the sun
Maybe we'll stay in one town till we die
Never move off the couch, never get nothing done

We’ll underline faults and overstep boundaries
Hands on but gloves off
Put all of our eggs in each other’s baskets
Just because
All because

You are my man
And I am your man