From the recording Her Master's Voice


Your father and I
When we wore smaller shoes
Knew how to lose
The rainy day blues
Black clouds and dark moods
Away, we would chase
The doldrums, replace
With toys from the rainy day case

Kaleidoscopes, whistles
Old coins, dolls and clocks
Bears, puppets, blocks
Wooden houses, pet rocks
Puzzles and aeroplanes
Cars we would race
An egg with a face
At home in the rainy day case

My shoes are now three times as big
And the storms aren’t so easily denied
So I carry my own hidden case
For when it rains inside

And it’s filled with passions
That still brightly burn
And things still to learn
Love yet to earn
And music and hope
And the lingering trace
Of a past I embrace
All safe in my rainy day case

And I wish, now that life is yours too
That I could make all the storms pass you by
But it seems that the best I can do
Is show you a way to stay dry

You don’t need your coat
Or those smallest of shoes
That’s not how you lose
The rainy day blues
And as you grow
I hope you’ll keep a place
Just a small space
For me in your rainy day case